Desktop Machine With Buttons

Desktop Machine With Buttons

Desktop cabinet for AUXO game board.




  • – matt black powder coated body
  • – powder coated front in different color


Built in peripherals:

  • – 220 W power supply
  • – two speakers
  • – 8 LED illuminated buttons
  • – 19″ monitor with P-CAP touch screen
  • – ICT L83 banknote validator with stacker
  • – EP802 ticket printer


Optional peripherals:

  • – battery up to 4 hours operating time


More About The Machine

This cabinet has a remote monitoring system that allows you to check the operation of your machines in a few moments from the comfort of your home or even on the go. The device can bridge power outages of up to 3-4 hours in battery mode, ensuring about the continuous operation in all conditions.

Adapting to the diversity of server units, our games are easy to swap in the software. In addition, we offer the opportunity to create a local Jackpot system, thus enhancing the gaming experience. The low consumption and size of the equipment make it particularly suitable for operation in smaller catering units or arcades. The built-in money acceptor and ticket printer allow for unattended, uniterrupted operation. The menu system of AUXO software is easy to navigate and offers a wide rangy of options, from the basic mode to casino mode.