Jackpot System

Gaming floor wide progressive jackpot controller for AUXO boards.

Supports up to four levels of jackpot:

  • Ultimate Pot
  • Extra Pot
  • Super Pot
  • Pot

All four pots are win randomly over a predefined value. Number of levels, rate of collection and target amounts are all customizable by the operator.

  • Has own video output to present the current jackpot values to the players and to play nice winning animations on a big external LCD screen.
  • Supports up to 32 AUXO boards as clients. Uses Ethernet for connection, thus any commercial 10/100 Ethernet switch is suitable to build up the network.

Package includes:

  • AUXO Jackpot server + power supply
  • 5 port, 10\100 Ethernet switch + power supply
  • 4\7.5 m CAT5e UTP patch cable

Preview in operation