Auxo Game Board

Auxo Game Board

Ready to use game board.

Price includes preloaded software, a selected one from Game packs

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The installation can be done in our office or even over Internet for boards with AGS version 3.15.0 or higher. Available resolution: 1024×768

More About The Platform

The AUXO Game Board can be used very flexibly in a wide variety of cabinets, so you can easily integrate our software into your existing machine. The reliability of the panel is ensured by the continuous development and expansion of the associated software. 

This panel includes a remote monitoring system that enables you to check your machines’ operation quickly and easily from the comfort of your home or on the go. Our games are easily swappable within the software, thanks to their adaptability to a diverse range of server units.

Furthermore, AUXO Game Board provides the opportunity to establish a local Jackpot system, thereby improving the gaming experience.

The low consumption and size of the equipment makes it particularly suitable for operation in smaller catering units or arcades. The built-in money acceptor and ticket printer allows unattended, uninterrupted operation. The menu system of AUXO software is easy to navigate and offers a wide range of options, from the basic mode to casino mode.

This board can control 2 monitors independently, in addition it is equipped with a high-performance stereo amplifier, USB and RS 232 ports as well as a cctalk bus. A wide range of configurable peripherals is available to the panel and it contains a highly secure, stand-alone key system.

We offer the opportunity to create a unique design and game packs too.