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What is Auxo Game?

AUXO Game is a video slot machine board, with many multigame program packages.

At Auxo Game, we are committed to providing the best possible user experience with our reliable and state-of-the-art machines and slot games for both game users and machine operators. We are present in many countries in Europe and Africa and we are proud that our partners, without exception, are all satisfied with our products. With more than 30 years of development expreience behind us, we have already provided solutions for many different needs, and continuous game development makes our work even more colorful.

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Coin Shooter

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Back Office System

As a slot machine operator you probably experienced that disappointing situation, when a huge manufacturer’s expensive machine suddenly paid the last few months income and instead of the money which seemed sure only unpleasant questions remained. Whether am I going to see my money again? When will it occur again?

Jackpot System

Gaming floor wide progressive jackpot controller for AUXO boards.

Supports up to four levels of jackpot:
  • Ultimate Pot
  • Extra Pot
  • Super Pot
  • Pot

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